The railway carries twice as many passengers as it did just two decades ago but demand is still set to rise dramatically in the years ahead.

The Digital Railway is the industry’s improved plan to tackle the UK’s capacity crunch by accelerating the digital modernisation of the railway.

More trains will run on existing tracks – safer, faster and cheaper – helping to increase the impact of vital upgrades like HS2 and Crossrail.

Digital Railway offers capacity and performance improvements sooner and at lower cost than conventional only enhancements and avoids disruptive conventional works.

Analysis shows that targeted digital modernisation on the national rail network offers compelling benefits. On a key economic artery, the South West Main Line, this means 30,000 extra peak time seats delivered 4 years earlier than the next best option. This is an increase of 11 trains an hour at peak time, which could rise to 18 trains an hour if combined with Crossrail 2.

The digital railway is already happening: London Underground has already increased trains on the Victoria Line from 28 to 34 trains an hour. Our group of companies provided significant input to the Victoria Line Project and the other London Underground Upgrade Projects. Our aim is to bring that expertise and lessons learnt to the challenge that is The Digital Railway.