The Challenge Ahead

How do we bring Greater Capacity, Reliability and Better Connections to a railway built largely in the Victorian Era?
More Trains

With the fastest growing network in Europe, Britain's railway carries twice as many passengers as it did just two decades ago as well as 75 per cent more consumer goods than they did in 2005. With continued growth the Rail Network needs more trains with greater capacity and the network needs to accommodate them on the existing infrastructure.

Better Connections

Better connections between our cities and suburbs are critical to a successful, high-wage economy. As modern cities thrive they create far more complex travel demand than when the railway was designed in Victorian times, they require better connectivity to link people with jobs, goods and services.

Greater Reliability

The percentage of trains reaching their destination on time has improved to 90 per cent, and today, the UK has the seventh most reliable railway in Europe – despite having the most congested network. Britain needs a railway that continues to improve reliability whilst running more trains that run faster. This means tackling root causes of poor performance, especially signalling and train control.